Jennifer & Sasha – The Last Unicorn is Captured n Ballbusted

Jennifer n Sasha - The Last Unicorn is Captured n Ballbusted

Jennifer has captured the last unicorn n now she has 2 destroy its balls. She has 2. Unicorn youre mine! The unicorn is tied securely 2 the ball kicking chair. It cant move a hoof. Sasha n Jennifer have a great time giving it full force ball kicks as hard as they can. The unicorn cries out in agony while the girls laugh n laugh. The unicorn makes sickening sounds n whelps when the kicks are delivered. Sasha Foxx kicks as hard as she can n grunts like she is returning serve at Wimbledon. The unicorn cannot move at all. It is completely tied down. The girls are extremely sadistic in this clip n show it no mercy. The clip ended early because of a catastrophic kick that caused the unicorn 2 open up.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Jennifer, Sasha Foxx, Ball Kicking, Kicking, Female Domination, Free

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12 min

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