Just 1 More Kick

Just 1 More Kick

What do u do when two of the HARDEST ballbusters at Mean Girl Manor (Me & Princess Carmela!) promise u that all u have 2 do is get up and take “one more kick” 4 us?? Well u DO it, of course! No matter HOW much pain u are in or how many times we lie 2 u n say its just gonna be “one more”! LOL Too bad u will eventually find out that there is ALWAYS “one more kick” required! LOL.

Get up! Get up! Get up! Just OOONE more, SLAVE!!! And yeah, since we’re Mean Girls we can keep making u get back up to take “one more” 4 us AS MUCH AS WE WANT- just 4 our sadistic entertainment. And u HAVE 2 do it, SLAVE! Because SLAVES don’t get a CHOICE. It is a COMMAND 2 be OBEYED! Now GET UP and SPREAD EM 4 ONE MORE! ;)
The funniest part is that this slave actually BELONGED 2 Princess Bella as her property and she let us “borrow” him for this clip- and we totally BROKE him! Haha. By the end he was BEGGING us 4 mercy n pledging his undying devotion to US. He totally transferred his ownership 2 US in order 2 avoid any further onslaught to his pathetic BALLS… LOL!
By the way, these are some REALLY hard kicks from me n Carmela! POSSIBLY ONE OF OUR BEST BB CLIPS EVER on here! NO JOKE. Neither one of us wanted 2 be outdone by the other- we have reputations around here to maintain! By the end of the video this slave’s balls are all red n swollen and he is sweating like the pigg he is LOL. We could just see it in his eyes that he was BROKEN- like halfway through the clip! Haha! And we just keep going anyway… I guess we are like the 2 most sadistic girls around here…?? The funny part is, no matter HOW hard we slam our foot into this losers balls n mock him- he STILL has a little “chubby” goin on! LOL!!! Such a good slave he is…

Princess Cindi

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Kicking, BDSM, Corpral Punishment, Young Mistress, Princess Cindi

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