Just Kickin It (1080 HD)

Just Kickin It (1080 HD)

Me and Bella want to REALLY show this new slave how LITTLE it means to it – so we decide to make it get down on all fours like the an1mall that it IS 2 us, and just take turns KICKING IT IN THE RIBS as hard as we want! LOL! it really is great fun and a GREAT way to entertain yourself when u can like totally do whatever you want with another person – to the point that you can just make it kneel before you n LET you kick it in the ribs as hard as you want, over n over… and it is like SO empowering too!

At one point we even take turns sitting on the loser’s back while it is being kicked in the ribs by the other girl. We could totally FEEL the kicks vibrating through its pathetic body underneath us after each “THUD” as it made him buck like a pathetic little bronco underneath us haha. Of course, for US it just felt like a little vibration on our perfect butts. But apparently it was REALLY painful for the stupid slave taking it right in the ribs lol. (Like we care!) It could barely crawl back to its cage after we were done “kickin it”. (This is how we “kick it” Mean Girl-style at AMG! LOL!)

Princess Beverly

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Princess Beverly, Beverly, Princess Bella, Human Furniture, Bella, Bondage, Body Busting, Humiliation, Kicking

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