Katja Leaves his Balls in Agony

Katja Leaves his Balls in Agony

Katja needed to use Michelle’s apartment again 2 change before a Halloween Party. On her way out she notices that the slave has a long string coming out of his underwear… She also notices a hitachi magic wand on the couch next 2 him, and decides to pleasure herself a little before she leaves, right in front of the sex starved slave. For weeks he has been trapped in that apartment, getting his balls slapped, kneed n kicked in by multiple women from Michelle’s ballet class. Now that he has to watch sexy Katja masturbate right in front of him, he is truly in hell. She says, “Looks like your hungy… Should I bring u someone back so we can feed u some cum…? How does it feel 2 have cum in all of your holes all the time…?” Katja stands him up and pulls down his underwear “Look at this little dick…” and notices that the string is tied around his cock n balls. This inspires more torment from her, as she yanks the string in multiple seductive positions, pulling him around like a toy. She gives him a few more knees and then puts his underwear back on him, “I don’t wanna look at these little balls anymore.” Before she leaves, she asks him how sensitive his balls are, and they are very tender from the weeks of abuse. She puts the hitachi vibrator on full blast n shoves it down his underwear right up against his balls n tells him “if that thing is not vibrating on his balls when she gets back, she’s going 2 cut them off herself.”

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