Kelly Rockstone 3 for 1

Kelly Rockstone 3 for 1

This is a box set style clip with 3 sexy Kelly Rockstone clips from way back when She Owns Your Manhood was just starting. Get $30 worth of hot fetish porn for $4.95 or more if u want:

If your balls survive, I’ll blow u (orig price $7.99)

Kelly is feeling especially mischievous today. She tells her slave that she’ll give him a blow job, if he can make it through 20 hits 2 the balls….. He”s eager 2 start, but soon realizes that she is not playing around when it comes 2 hitting his balls this time. They are all direct hits, and snappy at that…

She drops him to his needs n says in her sweet cheerful voice, “are u sure u’ll make it? That wasn’t that hard…..” Then she grabs him by the balls n picks him back up on his feet. Eventually his is completely on the ground and done from a sharp kick with her serious high heels. As he’s moaning n coughing she bends over and sweetly says, “maybe we should just remove your balls… they’re getting u into trouble………”

He begs her not to, and she stomps his balls a little, sweetly n kindly disagreeing, that he really should be Nutted. With one last kick while he’s down she leaves the room with a sexy walk and he’s still on the floor moaning……….

Kelly solves the little dick problem – FULL (orig price $16.99)

Kelly is super horny today, and needs to get fucked. The only dick around is her slaves, which she thinks just isn’t big enough. She literally drags him into the room by his balls, tells him how bad she wants him to fuck her, and how his little dick just won’t be enough, the knees him in the balls (with that sweet seductive look of hers…) as he’s doubled over she tells him her plan, and is really excited and smiley about it. She’s going to make him wear a strap on “Which is going to really hurt your balls because they will be crushed in the process…” As much as the slave doesn’t like this idea, it is the closes he will ever get to her pussy…

She rides him hard then slow n smooth, then hard again, smashing the hell out of his balls in the process. After she cums once, she switches positions to reverse cowgirl, where she has a better angle 2 smack he balls with her hands while she rides him and he’s looking right at her perfect ass, so close to his smooshed dick and his balls are being compressed by the strapon and her pelvis…

I`m pretty sure that this is the sexyest way 2 ballbust. This is definitely the hottest I have ever seen Kelly…

After she cums twice, she asks the slave why she shouldn’t just remove his balls, after all “they’re just in the way…” then she gets really cruel.. “Oh, I don’t want u 2 get blue balls” acting like she might actually let him release, then she kicks him and says “sore balls are better than blue balls right” and then she grabs his super sore nuts and says “I’ll just squeeze the blue out of them….” with an evil and adorable smile….

Kelly flips a coin or kicks or knees (orig price $5.99)

Kelly is back to hurt some balls, and this time she can’t decide weather 2 kick or knee, so she flips a coin every time. She is so adorably evil.

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27 min

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