Kick Contest- Carmela vs Jass

Kick Contest- Carmela vs Jass

My two newest Mean Girl-friends (Princess Carmela* n Dommes Jass) are visiting me at Mean Girl Manor 4 a little contest I set up. It’s a full-on BallBusting contest. They are sooo excited 2 try kicking some random loser in the balls! It is the 1st time 4 both of them and they can’t wait! They honestly can’t believe that there are losers out there that are so pathetic that they will literally stand there with their legs spread wide open and let girls get a running start n kick them in the balls as hard as they want, over and over- just because WE command them 2!

I would type up a play by play description but u just need 2 watch this thorough pounding 4 yourself. I will say that we have 2 mention the super-strong thighs that Mistress Carmela was putting 2 good use. She delivered so many solid kicks to this pathetic slave’s nut sack that we literally all cheered. haha. (U NEED 2 see them!) It’s like a soccer match, u hear a kick and then a ROOARR! We`re all laughing n cheering as he goes down n tries 2 hobble away, lol.

We eventually even put a leg-spreader on him n handcuffed his hands behind his back so he was COMPLETELY HELPLESS.

Dommes Jass gets some good kicks in too and she is sooo friggin exotic. Of course, this slave is a huge fan of ME and requested 2 have his balls destroyed by me, Nina Elle. I just think he didn’t expect to be used as a training dummy 4 my two new girls as well! Haha!

-Dominatrix Nina
*(Princess Carmela might be the hardest ball-buster we have ever had here at Mean Girl Man0r- and that is saying something!

Kick Contest 2 Carmela VS Nikkole (1080 HD)

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