Kick the Cunt (1080p HD)

Kick the Cunt (1080p HD)

We have kicked PLENTY of male slaves in the groin. But we have never kicked a GIRL slave between the legs! So we put the legspreader on this bitch, handcuff her hands behind her back, and throw her leash over a bar above her head. Then one of us pulls on her chain, holding the ugly bitch up while the other one lines up her kick! We take turns practicing our “snap kicks” on her cunt! And she HAS 2 take it!! Cuz we fucking OWN this bitch 4 the time we have her rented from her Master! We think this is hilarious. And the bitch does SCREAM cuz it hurts so bad. (Although WE would never know cuz WE would NEVER let this be done 2 us! Haha!) We explain 2 her that we`re pretty n she is an ugly slut so we can treat her however we fucking want.

Eventually her screams are so bad we have 2 take her inside just so we can keep abusing her LOL. We make her get on her hands n knees & one of us gets right in front of her so we can look directly into her eyes when the other one kicks her in the cunt from behind! OMG soo much fun! LOL! We keep kicking her in her fat cunt over n over… she is agony and we think its SO FUCKING FUNNY!!

Princess Cindi n Mistress Suvana

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