Kicked n milked by candi love

Kicked n milked by candi love

Lance is pretty excited about hooking up with Candi Love. He’s down to his boxer briefs and she’s wearing fishnets, red panties n white high heels. She embraces him, starts 2 kiss him very sensually, then knees him in the nuts…

Candi has a ballbusting fetish. She loves watching men wince n crumple over in pain, and laughing at how week their balls are. She tells him that if he wants to hook up with her, he has 2 indulge her fetish…

She teases him to get him rock hard, then stands him up n kicks him hard in the nuts. Candi manipulates Lance 2 keep going. She tells him that if he can take 5 hard kicks, she will hook up with him. She giggles after each time she kicks him in the balls, and the ones that aren’t direct hits don’t count…

After she has Lance on his back in agony, she straddles him, pulls his underwear down, and when he thinks she is going 2 finally be nice, she grabs his hard cock n aching balls tight, then slaps him in the nuts fast, until he is screaming, then leaves him broken on the ground.

Candi Love returns 2 Lance in a slutty tight black dress n black pantyhose. She puts him on the couch, naked, lubes up his cock, drapes her sexy thin pantyhose covered legs over him and starts 2 stroke his cock.

Lance is rock fucking hard, and she knows she can make him cum anytime she wants. She milks him slow, stopping from time 2 time 2 make him beg…

Candi tells him there’s going to be a lot more ballbusting if he cums, and continues 2 sweetly stroke his cock. She wraps her thighs around his cock, and makes him hump her pantyhose covered legs, giggling at how horny he is.

When he is about to cum from humping her legs, she spreads them, and makes him beg 4 release some more. She lets him continue 2 fuck her pantyhose like a total perv, but edging him again n again…

Finally she milks he cock 2 completion, ordering him 2 cum all over her pantyhose, and he blows a huge load all over her crotch.

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