Kicking My Sisters Slave (1080 HD)

Kicking My Sisters Slave (1080 HD)

This retard is a “huge fan” of my sister Rodea. He was supposed 2 come pay her to kick him in the balls, but he fucked up his schedule while traveling 2 MGM so he FINALLY showed up at a time when she couldn’t be there. So she left him to ME 2 “punish” and take his money – which I was MORE than willing to do! LOL. So basically this video is just me making this loser count out his money ($300!) over n over while I`m kicking him – just 2 reinforce into his tiny little brain that PAYING me is the only way he gets kicked in his pathetic balls. Like seriously, how pathetic is that? U are paying someone who literally tells you 2 your FACE that u`re a loser n LAUGHS in your face n kicks u right in the balls over n over. And this loser has a little “stiffy” practically the whole time no matter how many times I kick him! Which just makes me think even less of him… lol.These aren’t the hardest ballkicks in the world, but the loser did pay me so I had a little mercy on him. Plus I didn’t want 2 hurt my precious little foot in my brand new Jimmy Choos! But either way, he was SO lucky just to have his balls make any contact at all with my bare foot at all. Even if it was just slamming my foot into them. And I still broke him several times haha.

Princess Beverly

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Beverly, Kicking, Ballbusting, Ball Kicking, Financial Domination, Ball Abuse, Findom, Humiliation, Rodea, Blackmail, Blackmail Fantasy, Princess Beverly

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