Kiss Or Slap Penalty Game

Kiss Or Slap Penalty Game

Uh Oh… This slave walked in and dared 2 talk normal” to us! (Like it is an actually PERSON or something??) So we decide 2 play a game of total mind fuckery, lol. This slave is in love with Princess Bella but he also must obey ALL the mean girls at M3an G1rl Man0r… So we decided 2 screw with his mind.

He gets rewarded with kisses when he bows down at my feet, but Cindi punishes him with HARD slaps 2 the face if he dares to sit up like a “human”, lol. We`re laughing our heads off as he obeys me to kneel n then Cindi orders him 2 stupidly get up- just so he can get another hard slap in the face! LOL Over n Over… Kneel, Kiss, Stand, SLAP… Kneel, Kiss, Stand, SLAP!!! (Followed by a LOT of laughter on OUR part at HIS expense!) And he MUST Obey Us no matter what or I will get rid of his pathetic ass!!! Haha!
Princess Bella

Keywords: Femdom, Faceslapping, Princess Cindi, Young Mistress

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