Kitchen Matt

Kitchen Matt

This slave had to endure part of his day as a kitchen sink floor matt, haha! Of course it also means he has 2 get stepped on and trampled while I use the sink! Too bad I wore my stiletto high heels. He probably cant even see how pretty my toes are as they are crushing him. I mean it is real shame that my beautiful feet are an eighth of an inch from and he cant even enjoy it. I think this must be a huge form of the ultimate rejection. I mean here I`m on my phone, completely oblivious 2 the marks, scrapes n internal damage I`m causing and he cant even have my feet. He is lower than the low. He does not even deserve 2 have my feet touch him! He is just a worthless, disposable mat that I stand on and throw away when I am done with him. I literally have slaves lined up 2 be used up and disposed of like this 4 me. I think after they see me trample this slave in my gown and heels I will have my email blow up with more offers as well.

– Domina Rodea

And before any of u “trample slaves” write in to me asking all your dumb questions about this clip, I`m standing on this slave 4 like a WHOLE 10 minutes STRAIGHT and ALL of it is on his CHEST, ok? so BUY IT, slave! And if u don’t think it’s good enough come be in the next one yourself! LOL

Keywords: Femdom, Trampling, Human Furniture, Foot Fetish, Shoe and Boot Worship, Shoe Fetish

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10 min

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