Knee You With Your Own Cum

Knee You With Your Own Cum

Daniella is a Woman with goals n dreams. When she sets a goal, she achieves it. She wants to knee a man really hard in the balls, while her leg is covered in his own cum.

She’s wearing pantyhose n a miniskirt. She as excited as ever, and she has Lance’s cock n balls at her disposal. She knees n kicks him a few times just 4 fun, then gets to stroking, reminding him in a giggly n sweet way the whole time just how hard she’s going 2 knee him after he covers her pantyhose in cum.

Keywords: Femdom, Young Mistress, Ballbusting, Handjob, Cum On Pantyhose, Patterned Tights, Mini Skirt, Giggling

387 mb
10 min

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