Kneel And Pay For My Dates (1080 HD)

Kneel And Pay For My Dates (1080 HD)

Haha u are so nice.. even to the point of pathetic. You are so into me I can treat you like trash n you always come back from more. U even pay 4 me n my boyfriend to go out n u are not even going with us. You are lucky I even let you in the bathroom 2 watch me get ready. Oh he is so cute, I think I am in love, he might be the one. Hes broke but that doesnt matter Ill keep you as my CUCKOLD MONEY BITCH for the rest on your life to finance my relationships with other men, you like that loser? Why don’t u give me the food money you have 4 the week… Give me the only two $50 bills you have in your pocket so I can put them inside my shoes to pad my feet while I`m out with him. It would probably make you so hot thinking about the fact that I an walking on your food money inside my sweaty high heels all night. Oh and I`m wearing these pantyhose you bought for me. I think he should be the one who gets 2 enjoy me in them instead of you anyway. I’ll pull up my dress a bit so u can see what you`re missing, after all what fun is all this cuckolding if I dont tease u n lay it on extra thick, right?

Superior Goddess Brooke

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Superior Goddess Brooke, Cuckolding, POV, Shoeslicking, Shoe Fetish, Shoe Worship, Findom, Humiliation, Cuckold, Financial Domination, Foot Fetish

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