Lady Fyre – Dick or Teet

Lady Fyre - Dick or Teet

You love this time of year, when there’s a socially acceptable reason to explore your darker side. There are lots of fun, sexy games around Halloween, and you love playing. We are going to play a little game called Dick or Teet. You are going to have 2 choose: my gorgeous breasts… or his huge oiled-up cock? My perfect breasts are right in your face, but your attention keeps wandering to his package, all wrapped up in shiny black underwear. You choose the dick of course, and once this stud starts stroking, it’s clear that it wasn’t a hard choice for you. When you showed up, did you think “That redhead looks hot. I think I’ll watch her”? Or did you see my stud n just trick yourself into thinking you had straight intentions? This time of year reveals your true, hidden nature. Did I trick you? Maybe… but I think you wanted the dick all along. It turns you on to see my gloved hand caressing his cock & ass. Do you know what comes with choosing cock over tits? A mouthful of cum of course! It’s time to reveal your true, faggot nature. He’s preparing a big, hot load for you. A warm, gooey mouthful of… melted marshmallows. Tell me how much you want this cock, then open wide and take your treat!

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