Lady Nina Leigh’s Royal Domination – High and dry

Lady Nina Leigh’s Royal Domination – High and dry

Today Im going to take you in to extreme intoxication, get you so high and milk your wallet dry. You will sniff, intensely and deeply. Inhaling for me, holding your breathe, making each sniff intense n mind altering. Youll be so high today, as i get deep inside your already weak mind, tease you, manipulate you and turn you into my slut. Weakening you, making you a victim of my powerful beauty n dominance, my ability to tempt anything i want out of you. Keeping you high n milking you dry. Robotically, inhaling and paying will feel so good. As you stare at my lips, eyes and bulging cleavage, you will let me control you like a puppet.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Nina Leigh, Lady Nina Leigh, Dirty Talk, POV

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