Lap It Up Boot Gimp, Lap It Up – Mistress Tangent [DomNation]

Lap It Up Boot Gimp, Lap It Up - Mistress Tangent [DomNation]

Dressed in a magnificent full leather ensemble of curve hugging lambskin leggings, button down leather shirt, knee high Gucci boots, waist cincher n driving gloves, Mistress Tangent epitomizes the legendary cruel, leather clad Domina. Beautiful, sophisticated, cruel, and highly lethal. In this video she has deemed her slave a pathetic, worthless, good 4 nothing mook, whos only value to her is that of a lowly boot slave. To test his potential, Tangent gimps him out in a restrictive wrist to thigh restraint, a heavy leather deprivation hood with built in blindfold, and a tight collar n leash. Apparently, Tangents intentions are to make his boot licking efforts a bit more challenging, shall we say? Not to mention, entertaining. So if he sucks as a boot slave, he will at least have provided amusement 4 Dommess. He certainly did not disappoint. Controlling his every move via a short leather leash, Tangent forces her boots into his mouth without warning. Unable to see, he instinctively recoils as the boot touches his lips. But Domina isnt having it. She slaps his face repeatedly, forces his mouth open wide, spits onto his tongue, and then rubs her boot forcefully against his face until it is shined to perfection. This slave may be incompetent, but Dommess knows exactly how to train men to her bidding. This fool is no exception. Lap it up boot gimp, lap it up.

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