Learn 2 Fear Us Slave

Learn 2 Fear Us Slave

This new piece of slave-meat needs 2 be tenderized. :) (It is his 1st trip 2 M!) And he doesn’t want 2 be whipped but he said in his email 2 us that he ‘wanted 2 suffer’ 4 us as much as possible HOWEVER we wanted – n me n Bella were happy 2 oblige! We decided 2 use him 2 ‘practice our whipping‘ because we have heard that some of the slaves don’t think we are as “brutal” as Cindi, Empress Jenn & Carmela, so the slaves don’t fear us as much. Well, we WANT slaves 2 quiver with fear when WE walk down the halls of M too!

So this slave has 2 take our whips – & boy does he SCREAM! LOL! And yeah, we totally BREAK him by the end of this clip as we`re BOTH whipping him at the same time! (And laughing our ASSES off at his suffering while we do it btw! LOL!) He starts like literally BEGGING us 4 “mercy” through his penis-gag toward the end! (Of course we couldn’t even hear it 4 awhile over the cracks of the whips n our own laughter!)

We were actually surprised he broke so easily. Especially when he was allowed 2 look at how beautiful we`re while he was being whipped by the other girl! We even let it kiss the bottom of our shoes as “motivation” while it was being whipped… wasn’t that nice of us??

Princess Beverly

Keywords: Femdom, Whipping, Female Domination, Bondage, Bella, Beverly

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