Leather Whip T3rr0r Starring Cybill Troy

Leather Whip T3rr0r Starring Cybill Troy

Even after being shattered by my canes, my slave has still not proven himself to be up 2 my impossibly high standards. I shackle him to his jail cell n begin on his back with a bullwhip and my trusty dovetail, explaining how his continued service depends entirely on how far he can push himself for me, and not just through physical pain. He’ll have to not only endure each lash of my whip against his welted flesh, he’ll also have 2 take it with the enthusiasm befitting an honor as high as suffering 4 me n offering his flesh as tribute. The crack of my leather single tails leave him terrified n shaking; I only laugh at his fear n finish him with more excruciating whipping. No matter how he performs 4 me, he’ll be thrown back into his jail cell like the livestock he is until I feel like using or abusing him again.

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Cybil, Whipping, Leather, Boots, Fetish, Pantyhose, Bull Whipping, Punishment, Humiliation, Gloves, Extreme Domination, Lipstick, Corset, Free

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