Less Breathing, More Licking!

Less Breathing, More Licking!

Dominatrix Mercedes wants an orgasm and her slave is nothing but a human vibrator 4 her use. As she mounts his face with her ass, Mercedes orders him not 2 breath as she rubs her ass all over his face, but the slave fails 2 do so. Mercedes makes him beg 4 a second chance, and this time tells him he can use his tongue. But she also warns him very clearly “Less Breathing, More Licking! “This time the slave obeys n pleases Mercedes’ ass, and then her pussy, with his tongue. Mercedes orders him 2 keep sticking his tongue out further as her pussy rubs up n down his face, getting her closer & closer 2 orgasm. When Mercedes does cum, she tells her slave that she is glad that his pathetic face is good 4 something. When he tries 2 thank her 4 the privilege of being her sex toy, Mercedes coldly reminds him that he is not allowed 2 talk. After all, he is just a thing 4 her 2 use, nothing more.

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