Let Them Eat Cake

Let Them Eat Cake

A slave is laying face-up on the concrete between the pool n the lawn. Princess Cindi comes walking up with Princess Bella to the slave n places the instep of her boot over his neck n looks down on him. She says “So, u thought u could just eat some of the cake in the kitchen that was meant 4 US- and I wouldn’t notice?” The slave tries to answer, but she pushes her foot down on his throat cutting him off. “U thought u could get away with it and I wouldn’t figure out which one of u worthless slaves did it?” she says. She crouches down n glares at him, “Today, u are going 2 pay 4 it.”

“Get on your knees” she says. “Since u seem to like cake so much, I’ve decided to give u a WHOLE cake.” She walks over 2 a muddy area in the yard. There is a cake on the ground at their feet. Both Princesses take turns spitting on it. Then they take their cigarettes and stub them out in the middle of the cake and spit on it again. They start to laugh at this and ask the slave, “How do u like your cake now?”

And with that she slowly pushes the cake off its cardboard base and into the MUD with her boot and then slowly squishes it into the mud. After having some fun trampling the slave’s “treat” into the mud, She commands it to lay on its belly n SQUIRM forward like the worm it is, until its face is right over the cake she just squished into the mud. The slave does as he is told until his head and shoulders are over the mud n cake. “Open your mouth” she says. She takes her boot and places it on the back of his head. Slowly she begins to force his face and head down and says, “Eat it!”

Then the REAL humiliation begins, as Dominatrix demands he eat it ALL since he is such a greedy p1g… and the poor slave tries desperately to please his Dominatrix as he grovels in the mud at Her boots…

Princess Cindi, Princess Bella

Keywords: Femdom, Fetish, Food-Object Crushing, Princess Cindi, Mistress, Young Mistress, Humiliation, Footworship

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