Lets Make Him Beg

Lets Make Him Beg

Lance just took Amiee Cambridge out on a date. The last time they met, she fucked him in the ass with a strap-on and jerked him off on his own face, so needless 2 say, he was nervous on the date. As they return to her house she walks him into her living room, and brings up their last time together. He is embarrassed 2 even talk about it, but Amiee seems to be really into that kind of thing.

Her sexy roommate, Catherine Foxx walks in n starts asking if this is the guy Amiee fucked with a strap-on. Now Lance is really embarrassed, and even more so confused when both sexy ladies are clearly all over him. They make him strip down in front of them, and start 2 tease him.

Amiee starts 2 get his cock hard while the girls talk about some of things they want to do with him… Lance is desperately turned on, but nervous about what they have in store 4 him. Anytime he tries to protest their plans, Amiee slaps him in the balls to let him know she’s serious. Catherine smothers his face with her perfect tits while Aimee strokes his cock and they tease him together.

Amiee gets Lance right 2 the edge of cumming a few times, making him beg 4 release. They have him right where they want him. He’d do anything to cum. Just when he thinks she’s going to let him cum they stop. She stands up, puts her foot on his cock and tells him they are going to get their strap-ons…

As they walk away, they threaten to cut his balls off if he touches himself while they are gone…

Amiee n Catherine return 2 Lance. He is still naked on the couch, now with blue balls from their edging handjob before… They are wearing sexy outfits n big strap-ons…

They make him get on his knees n worship their cocks. At first he is humiliated n reluctant, but they easily turn him into their sissy cocksucker, and make him beg to get fucked by their cocks.

Now that Amiee and Catherine have throughly humiliated Lance by making him worship and beg 4 their cocks on his knees, it’s time 2 fck his brains out…

Amiee pounds his ass from behind while Catherine encourages her 2 fck him harder, and makes Lance suck on her big pink strap-on. At 1st Lance is writhing n squirming at the end of Amiee’s strap-on, but after some good deep dicking, she converts him to a total ass slut and he starts begging her 4 more. They have him in a complete submissive trance…

They flip him on his back n Amiee pile drives him while Catherine makes him suck her cock more, and smothers him with her perfect tits. Amiee tells him he can cum anytime he wants, now that it’s going all over his slutty face. She makes him ride her long strap-on like a good slut until he blows his load all over himself. Then Catherine sops it up with her pink dildo n makes him lick it off.

Keywords: Foot Fetish, Edging, Blue Balls, Tease And Denial, Humiliation, Strap-On, Cock Worship, Encouraged Fem, Sissy Training, Pegging, Cum On Face, Cum Eating, Handjob

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