Lets Tease n Fuck Him in Chastity

Lets Tease n Fuck Him in Chastity

Sara D1av0la has her friend Vanessa Vixon over. She told Vanessa 2 wear something tight, and she did. They are both in sexy tight one pieces n pantyhose & fishnets. Sara wanted 2 show Vanessa her new live-in chastity slave / roommate.

Originally he was just looking 4 a roommate, but when he moved in with Sara, she immediately “convinced” him 2 let her lock up his cock n ball in a chastity device. Now she has complete control over him.

Sara loves tormenting him, and today Vanessa is going 2 help. What could be worse that two sexy women in tight clothes making u grope on them while they grind against u, but your cock is locked in chastity?

They tease him about his swelling balls, how they are turning purple… Sara tells Vanessa that sometimes she makes him go to strip clubs and get lapdances like this… He begs 4 release while they giggle and tease him. He says he’ll do anything…

Sara D1av0la n Vanessa V1x0n have been teasing Lance, Sara’s roommate / slave, while keeping his cock locked up in chastity. They love to make his cock n balls swell against his CB6000, and make him eat his pre-cum.

Now they want 2 really humiliate him and drive him crazy, so Sara puts on a big strapon cock n makes him ride it. She tells him he might be able to have a prostate orgasm if he tries hard enough.

Vanessa laughs at Lance, bouncing desperately on Sara’s cock, and shoves a smaller dildo in his mouth.

The two hotties humiliate him 4 turning into such a sissy, all because he’d do anything 2 have an orgasm again.

Sara pounds his ass from behind, while Vanessa rubs his face in her tits. Just when Lance thinks he might actually cum through his prostate, they leave him on the sofa with a worn out ass n aching blue balls.

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