Lick My Feet And Heels While I Do My Homework

Lick My Feet And Heels While I Do My Homework

This is two clips in one, a foot worship And a high heel worship! She’s so young n bratty and her Russian accent will drive u insane!

I am busy. I have a lot of homework to do, I am just a freshman in college. But since u paid me to come over n lick my heels, I’ll let u, but don’t expect me to pay attention to u. Well get to it loser, my heels are dirty and I have work to do and so do u. Look how dirty they are, lick them clean, that’s what you paid 4, that’s the only use u have to a hot young brat like me.

Worship my heels loser, u are so lucky I even let you do this. Licking my heels is all that u are good 4. Kiss my feet n thank me asshole. U are so happy down there on the floor kissing my feet, aren’t you? U are soooo pathetic. Once my heels are clean I am going to make u clean my feet with your tongue as well. I can’t believe u are paying me to do this, that’s so stupid.

Lick my toes loser. Make it feel good, I want to get at least some enjoyment from this, other than your cash that is. U mean nothing 2 me, u know that don’t you? U are nothing but a heel licking wallet. Only losers do this, a real man would never be caught paying to lick some hot brat’s feet n heels. But u love my young feet, u are addicted to them, you crave my feet n heels. Make sure you clean the soles moron.

U love being a foot addicted fool 4 a hot young brat, don’t u? Nothing gets u off harder. Kiss my feet loser as I strip you of your cash n your dignity. Thank me 4 this privilege. I know u’ll be begging me to come back again n again because I am the youngest, hottest, brattiest girl you’ll ever come across.

Russian Brat Brianna

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