Lick Your Cum off My Yoga Pants

Lick Your Cum off My Yoga Pants

Alexa is laying on the couch, topless, in her yoga pants, texting with one of her girlfriends. Her boyfriend climbs on top of her from behind, totally naked with a raging boner. She doesn’t feel like dealing with her perverted boyfriend, so she ignores him and calls him a loser while she continues to text with her friend.

Her boyfriend starts jerking off behind her and groping her, even though she is totally ignoring him.

Alexa gets tired of being groped, so she moves on top of him, but continues to text with her friend about her horny loser boyfriend while he humps her legs. She tells him to hump them harder, then squeezes his cock hard between her thighs, hurting him, but he can’t stop. He begs her to jerk him off, and she does with one hand, but keeps texting with the other. She has a plan 4 him…

She starts to squeeze his balls when he gets close to cumming. She doesn’t want him to blow it just yet. She strokes his cock until he cums all over the crotch off her yoga pants, then she climbs on top of him, rubbing her crotch covered in his cum in his face, and tells him to lick it up…

After she humiliates him by making him lick his own cum off her yoga pants, she breaks up with him n leaves him naked n humiliated with a mouth full of cum.

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