Life Is Good At The Manor (1080 HD)

Life Is Good At The Manor (1080 HD)

This was shot after I got done giving Queen Kasey her “tour” of MMG and showing her how Im running sh!tt around her now that I took over. She was thoroughly impressed and we decide to take a relaxing break out by the pool n be pampered. We get our feet massaged while being fanned with palm leaves. The best part is that even when were being PAMPERED, I make sure the slaves SUFFER for it! I make sure the palm leaves they are using to fan us are lined with SHARP SPIKES! Haha. We even make them grip them extra hard so they are in extra PAIN while fanning us! (Seriously, these things are sharp – and I make sure the camera slave gets a good close-up of these things so u can see it in the video!)

Then we finish with a relaxing cigarette – and use two of the slaves as our human ashtrays, of course!! The Queen actually stubs her cigarette out on her slave’s tongue n makes it swallow the butt. (Yes, for REAL.) I am honestly not much of a smoker but I am NOT to be outdone! So I make sure I stub my cigarette out nice n hard on my slave’s tongue too and command it to swallow. LOL I cannot even imagine that. Being forced to eat someone else’s cigarette butt. But Queen Kasey said she used to make all the slaves do it when she lived here. So I guess it’s a new way I can degrade these assholes? They really are subhuman to me, honestly…

Princess Bella

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13 min

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