Lipstick On A Dick Starring Astro Domina

Lipstick On A Dick Starring Astro Domina

While getting ready 4 a hot night on the town with her BF, Astro Domina puts one of her many servants 2 good use as her (what else) makeup gimp HAHA! Being one of her more well endowed minions, she attaches a makeup mirror 2 his balls and a container of bright pink lip gloss to his dick. Instructed to stand silently at attention with his hands behind his back, Astro grabs his cock tightly n uses it to brush the lip gloss onto her lips. HOW HUMILIATING! To amuse herself further, she orders him 2 get his dick hard on command and wave his man meat from side to side in an attempt to apply her lip gloss hands free to her full, luscious lips. ABSOLUTELY HILLARIOUS! To complete her look 4 the evening, she applies her eye shadow n combs her gorgeous sexy Asian hair, all while taking advantage of the appropriately positioned manhood mirror. This clip is one of the best n most creative we have every produced on the subject of pathetic lowly male objectification!

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Astro Domina, Asian, Humiliation, Human Furniture, Free, Domestic Discipline

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