Luminous Has a New Boy Toy

Luminous Has a New Boy Toy

Miss Luminous walks into a dungeon n finds Lance Hart tied to the wall. She gets excited and is not at all interested in letting him go…

Apparently, he was a on a date that got weird, and his date left him tied to this wall. Luminous is just thrilled to have a new set of balls 2 tease n break. She is wearing a tight teddy, fishnets, high heels and a fedora. While she is teasing him and kicking him in the nuts, she tells him how bad she just wants 2 rip them off, and keep his balls in a jar (with a flirty smile).

She teases him with her amazing body, and abuses the hell out of his balls, then leaves him tied up on the wall so she can come back n play with him again.

Miss Luminous returns 2 the dungeon. She had forgotten all about Lance, is was just looking 4 her shirt. She is wearing a tight pencil skirt, argyle pantyhose, high heels and a bra.

This time she really turns it on, and gets Lance so hard he almost cums in his boxer briefs. She loves 2 toy with men. She kicks, slaps n knees his balls while he is fully erect, then leaves him again…

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Teasing

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