Macys Cuck Boyfriend Part 2

Macys Cuck Boyfriend Part 2

Lance is on the couch, icing his balls from all the abuse Macy has been putting him through when she comes through looking 4 her shirt. She is on the way 2 work, and his wearing her shiny pantyhose, white socks, sneakers, and tight tight orange shorts…

While Lance is in agony with sore balls, thinking about how he used 2 be able to fuck his hot waitress girlfriend, Macy starts 2 tell him about all the fun she has been having fucking other guys with huge dicks, and Lance is dying… while she laughs at him.

Macy tells him that she feels a little bad 4 him, so she tells I am 2 take off his underwear. He thinks he is going 2 finally get laid again, but instead she puts her feet in his face n makes him sniff n lick her socks. She has not washed her work socks all week, and they smell horrible. “U can fuck my pantyhose while u smell my feet if u want” she tells him in a sweet voice.

Lance is desperate enough 2 get off that he actually tries 2 fuck her sexy thighs, but her shiny tights are a little abrasive and it hurts. He still tries while she encourages him and laughs, then makes him take off her sweaty socks n worship her bare feet. “Tell me how good they taste…”

He begs her 2 just have sex with him, but she grabs his hard dick, squeezes it with her sexy thighs, and starts 2 giggle while she tells him about the two guys with huge dicks that fucked her the night before. She talks about the dirty sexy she had with other guys in details while he desperately tries 2 fuck her thighs.

Macy has 2 go 2 work and find some other guys 2 fck her dirty, so she leaves Lance begging… “Sorry about your blue balls honey… [smile]”

2 be continued….

Keywords: Femdom, Pantyhose, White Socks, Footworship, Foot Fetish, Cuckold Talk, CBT, Ballbusting Talk

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