Mad Dancer Girlfriend Part 1

Mad Dancer Girlfriend Part 1

Lances girlfriend has been working 4 months on her big dance recital that was tonight and as she’s up on stage dancing her heart out in a black leather leotard n stockings, she looks into the crowd 2 try and find her Boyfriend but all she sees is the other girls boyfriends.

She gets home 2 find the stove cold and the shower running. “No Dinner what is this shit?” Then Lance finally decides 2 make an appearance in nothing but a towel. He notices her outfit “Oh shit baby tonight was your recital I am so so sorry!”

She’s had it with him and he needs 2 be punished. She hops up on the counter n places one stocking covers foot on his face 2 make him smell her stinky, dancing, feet and another on his balls 2 keep her new bitch in place. “Smell it! How does that smell?”

This isn’t enough though she grabs the towel off waist tell him to get down on his knees puts the towel around his neck n pull him into her ass. “Yea thats right no dinner because your dinner is my loser!” She tells him. She’s had it with him and is going 2 leave him but she wants to leave him with one last thing 2 make him miss her.

to be continued…

Keywords: Femdom, Ball Abuse, Ball Squeezing, Pantyhose, Leotard, Smelly Pantyhose Feet, Footworship, Foot Fetish, Assworship, Free

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