Mad Dancer Girlfriend Part 2

Mad Dancer Girlfriend Part 2

Sarah is still wearing her shiny leotard n tan dance tights. She is breaking up with her boyfriend in their kitchen. She just made him worship her sweaty dance feet n beg her 2 stay. Now she is going to give him one last orgasm before she ruins it and leaves him 4 good.

She teases him with her ass. She lets him squeeze her boobs. She gets him rock hard n close to cumming, then squeezes his balls hard.

After edging n denying him 4 a while, Sarah switches gears. She just barely plays with his cock while verbally humiliating him. She talks about what she’s going 2 do after she breaks up with him, fucking with his head. She tells him she’s going to stop touching his cock 4 last time ever in under 2 minutes. Whether he cums or not is up 2 him…

He does cum, and she makes sure he cums all over her leotard. She rubs it in his face n makes him swallow his own cum, then kicks him in the balls n laughs. He still begs her not 2 go, so she slaps him in the face n struts out of the kitchen, giving him one last view of her amazing ass while he’s on his knees with aching balls.

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