Madame Catarina – Slave Trade with Mistress Rouge UK

Madame Catarina – Slave Trade with Mistress Rouge UK

You thought slave trade is over? A relict from the past? No – in a matriarchy it’s a common practice. But 1st the men have to be captured n then broken. This is the business of Madame Catarina

Madame Catarina has captured and broken 2 slaves and her good friend Mistress Rouge is interested in buying them for use on her Jamaican slave farm. The ladies decide to test out the newest arrival 1-st and after a brief inspection he is tied to the flogging rack n the two mistresses can begin their fun. The Ladies begin to mercilessly whip the slaves cock & balls with their crops n whips before turning their attention to his nipples all the time delighting in his screams of agony. It is then time to move him to the whipping bench where they delight still further in torturing his cock n balls with their heavy whips. Satisfied that he is a suitable candidate for the slave farm he swaps places with Madame Catarina’s caged slave where he is tethered to the bars by his cock. The new slave is inspected and secured to the whipping rack and the Ladies proceed to cruelly whip his back and ass. With his ass a mass of welts and bruises the Ladies decide it is time to turn him around and give his cock n balls the same treatment. Mistress Rouge decides that she likes the quality of Madame Catarina’s goods and a sale is agreed.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, mc, Madame Catarina, Catarina, Mistress, Leather, Whipping, Bondage, CBT, Corporal, Double Domination, Torture

rar (include 7 .mp4 clips)
2.92 Gb
64 min

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