Mailing You Into Bankruptcy (1080 HD)

Mailing You Into Bankruptcy (1080 HD)

Remember its our big day today – its the day you`re taking me to the mall to get a few things. No, we are not going to that pathetic strip mall with the TJ max n shit that you like so much. I want to go to a nice mall. You know, the one in the city where even the parking is really expensive and has all the really nice stores like Tiffneys n Saks. I hope you got that bonus at work that you were talking about because I am in the mood to SPEND. In fact I am in a total “maxing out” mood today…

Princess Be11a

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom POV, Princess Bella, Brat Girls, Goddess Worship, Humiliation, Free, Dirty Talk

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