Making By Mark (1080 HD)

Making By Mark (1080 HD)

Princess Beverly shows how elegant n gorgeous she is and how mean she can be to her slave. She wears stiletto Jimmy Choo Anouk pumps which will let her do that effortlessly. Using her new stiletto heels, Princess Beverly intentionally leaves as many deep heel marks n scrapes as she can on her slave’s front upper body n cock while keeping up with her elegant n feminine charisma.

Princess Beverly walks in with the heels on her feet n makes her slave kiss the outer (bottom) soles of her heels. Next, Princess Beverly steps on her slave n starts warming up by casually walking all over him. After about a minute, she starts 2 “create” her “painting” on her slave’s chest n stomach. She “draws” lines by dragging the heels across n dots by “digging” and twisting the heels into her slave’s skin. She acts unconcerned about the damage 2 her slave n just focuses on how to make her “painting” more artistic. After “filling” her slave’s chest n stomach with “dots” & “lines”, she shows a satisfied smile on her face n proudly allows the cameraman 2 take some close-ups of her “painting”.

Her slave now sits on the cement floor (with his back leaning on the wall n his front body facing towards the camera. His legs are spread out wide-open 2 fully expose his cock, unshielded from any protection while his hands are placed behind his back. Princess Beverly uses the heel of her shoe 2 nail her slave’s cock glans (front part of his penis) down on the cement ground forcefully 2 leave a very clear n deep heel mark on his glans. Princess Beverly does this to show her ownership to her slave’s cock. Then Princess Beverly grinds n twisted her slave’s cock heavily n slowly beneath her shoes so that she can maximize her weight on his cock while looking cool n elegant.

In the closing scene of the clip, Princess Beverly walks off the scene carelessly n the cameraslave takes close-up shoots of the slave’s chest, stomach n cock 2 record all the heel marks & scrapes that Princess Beverly leaves on her slave!

Keywords: Female Domination, Trampling, Femdom, Princess Beverly, High Heels, CBT

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16 min

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2 thoughts on “Making By Mark (1080 HD)

  1. Princess Beverly is the most beautiful Femdom Princess in the world. Her long legs in high heels are gorgeous. Big thanks for movie with Princess Beverly and please more :)

    1. I can not say how soon will be something else with it, but I will try more often to spread her videos.

      P.S. Much depends on Donate because the clips are cost enough =)

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