Manhandled Wimp Starring Jasmine Mendez

Manhandled Wimp Starring Jasmine Mendez

When Jay Wimp makes the mistake of trying 2 impress Jasmine Mendez with his muscles, Jasmine decides to give him a lesson in Female Supremacy. After she mocks him for his lack of muscles, Jasmine overpowers him n puts him on her shoulder like a sack of potatoes, then drops him 2 the ground, applying a vicious scissor hold to his head. Jasmine then applies a serious of scissor holds on his neck n chest, ordering him to show off his ‘muscles’ 4 fun as she squeezes him mercilessly. After she breaks her hold, Jay tries 2 crawl away, but is easily dragged back onto the mat. Jasmine then punishes him with a series of butt drops; her latex clad ass bounces off of his face again n again as she gloats at his utter defeat n humiliation. Jasmine then finishes him off with an airplane spin, dropping his helpless n defeated body on the ground as she walks away laughing at how broken n pathetic he is. This is how real women treat inferior men who try 2 impress them.

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom, Jasmine, Mendez, Free, Facesitting, Face Sitting, Femdom Empire, Mixed Wrestling, Scissor, Scissorhold, Humiliation

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