Mean Game of Cards

Mean Game of Cards

This slave has 2 play cards with Empress Jennifer and I to entertain us- but of course, when WE play cardgames with slaves, it is usually painful 4 THEM! LOL. We decide that whatever number is on the card that we turn over will be the number of BLINDFOLDED kicks that the stupid slave will get right in its NUTS! And We keep playing until eventually we just feel like kicking him constantly! Haha!

And We made sure 2 blindfold him so he couldn’t flinch, move, or block our kicks, LOL. He totally didn’t know where these kicks were coming from or when because Empress Jennifer and I even took turns kicking him from the front AND from behind! Getting kicked from behind is devastating enough but imagine it with a blindfold… imagine the pointy toe of a sexy high heel punting straight through that thin ball sack n straight into a nut, haha!

This is not a short game of ballbusting so he really got it good! Needless 2 say we broke this big guy and he eventually went down 2 the floor. No matter how big a slave is… a good nut-shot will bring them ALL down the same! LOL

Princess Carmela

***This clip features “M3an G1rl Slo-Mo Technology” designed 2 allow u enjoy the BEST kicks repeated in SUPER SLO-MO without having 2 even rewind the clip! It is also shot in 60p which means u get DOUBLE the frames and as a result, less “blur” when u pause the clip as Our foot slams into a slave’s worthless balls!***

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Kicking, CFNM, Young Mistress, Mistress

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