Mean Girl Fight Club #17 – Starring Miss XI [Asian Mean Girls]

Mean Girl Fight Club #17 - Starring Miss XI [Asian Mean Girls]

This is our 17th installment of our popular ongoing series Mean Girl Fight Club, also known as MGFC. This is where Asian Mean Girls dress in sexy workout gear n give their human punching bag a good working over. There is nothing sexier than an Asian bad girl beatdown! Miss XI is ferocious as she destroys her human punching bag with a series of vicious jabs, uppercuts, and hammer fists to his ball sack. Miss XI may be petite, but she packs a wallop and is relentless in her attack. A few well placed muy thai kicks to his groin keeps him guessing, and in a world of hurt.

Keywords: Female Domination, Asian Mean Girls, Femdom, Asian, Free, Ballbusting, Kicking, Bondage, Boxing, MGFT, Mixed Fighting, Humiliation, Brat Asian, Asian Goddess, Verbal Humiliation, Humiliation, Faceslapping, Face Slapping

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7 min

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