Mesmerized Drooling Idiot For My Perfect Pink Curves

Mesmerized Drooling Idiot For My Perfect Pink Curves

Hi loser, pink is going 2 be your new favorite color. Do u know why? Because I look amazing in all pink. I make everything look so good, dont I? Just look at this. Its kinda ridiculous isnt it? And Ive only begun to tease u in what I am wearing. My pink bra, pink panties, pink stockings, pink panties and I even have on pink heels. I`m a vision in pink. Are u staring? Are u worshiping? Ill bet u`re, u`re taking it all in.

Look at my tits in this pink bra, look at my long legs in these pink stockings, look at my perfect ass. I know u cant stop staring n jerking. I am so adorable yet so devious, arent I loser? Look at me in this picture perfect position. Ill bet u could just stare at me 4 hours. You grasp onto every glimpse that I allow u, that I give to you. Its so fucking easy to manipulate you. I barely have to do anything. Stare at my long pink princess legs as they go down, all the way to my pink heels. U cant look away, I have u completely mesmerized.

You love when I tease u like this. Youre staring, drooling, gawking with your mouth open. I am not even telling u what to do, I`m just allowing u 2 worship n take me all in. Just admire as u gaze at my perfect pink curves. U cant resist, you knew u were fucked from the moment you saw the preview 4 this clip.

Look how stupid u are getting. I am so perfect. I am just wrapping u around my little finger, just by teasing u. Just relax, dont think, just allow your brain to take it all in, slowly. Enjoy what I am giving u. Worship every last curve of my body, from my heels all the way to my perfect pretty princess face. Now go reflect on the perfection u just saw.

Princess Mika

Keywords: Female Domination, Femdom POV, POV, Teasing, Princess Mika, Young Mistress, Free, Dirty Talk, Humiliation, Goddess Worship, Stockings, Fetish, Tease & Denial

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