Milked or neutered?

Milked or neutered?

I don’t like this slave as a human too much, he is stupid n greedy, so today I am going 2 teach him how to be a good puppy 4 Me. Sounds easy 4 him, but there’s a catch: if he doesn’t manage to please Me – I will get him neutered. Just like people normally neuter misbehaving puppies. So now I will test him n decide if he will get 2 be a canine stud n be able to breed (not that I would be interested in him breeding) or will become a ball-less bitch. 4 a better transformation, I have a nice puppy mask 4 My slave, and a tail – these will make him feel more like he is supposed 2. At least if he can keep the tail in, it seems his ass is so loose that I should get a bigger one 4 him. 1st I want 2 see if My slave can behave like a puppy: to wag his tale, to beg 4 the toy n then run after it n bring it so Me. If I am pleased, I will allow him 2 sniff My ass, I know puppies like that. Then I want to see if there is even a reason to consider keeping his breeding capability intact: I want 2 inspect his chastity and his balls n then check if he can produce the necessary amount of sperm 2 justify the presence of balls. Can he satisfy Me, or should he be castrated n transformed into a bitch that will be pegged by My other, more masculine pets?

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