Mina’s Card Game

Mina's Card Game

Mina is wearing pink leggings and a tight black tank top. She’s a dancer, and a personal trainer, and her body is ridiculous. She wants 2 play the card game with the slave. Whatever number is on the card that she pulls is how many hits he’s going to have 2 take to the balls. They could be kicks, knees, slaps or whatever she wants. If she pulls a face card he gets to touch her huge round tits (but she’ll be squeezing his balls at the same time, and he can hold onto her tits as long as he can take his balls being crushed)

At one point she has him on his knees after a solid kick and she puts her perfect ass in his face n asks “All u alright down there…” then turns around and steps on his dick. He makes it through quite a few cards, but in the end he’s in agony on the floor and she’s asking him why she shouldn’t just Nut him now, because he’s going 2 lose his balls eventually anyway

Mina does a grab job of teasing, and taunting by faking out the slave by almost kicking him and making him flinch, then following with a hard kick, she also kicks like a soccer player, and keeps kicking n stomping even when the slave is begging her not to.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Teasing

296 mb
8 min

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