Mina the new Ballerina

Mina the new Ballerina

Michelle told another one of her ballerina friends that she could use her apartment 2 get changed, but while she’s there, she needs to “take care of” her slave 4 a little bit. Mina shows up in a black leotard n tights n is a little fascinated that the slave will be Nutted soon, so she asks him about it and squeezes his balls, “So u are really going 2 be losing these soon” and then turns around n teases him with her ass

She likes 2 fake a kick, then follow it up with a real hard one. She also likes to step on his cock n balls

After quite a bit of abuse she leaves him on the floor and comes back in a different outfit. “I can’t believe your really going 2 lose your balls :)”

She kicks n stomps his cock n balls 4 a while in the new outfit “oh that was nothing, we are just getting started :)”

She teasing him with her ass n asks, “So what’s going to happen after u lose your balls?” then proceeds 2 kick and stomp his balls into his throat.

Keywords: Femdom, Teasing, Ballbusting

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