Miss Cherry Vee: Seducing Foot Losers With My Feet

Miss Cherry Vee: Seducing Foot Losers With My Feet

Hey there foot freak. You are not like the other losers, are you? You are a foot loser. Which means u are more pathetic than the basic loser because being a foot loser puts you literally beneath me. Just look at how amazing my feet look in the these cute white ankle socks. You love my feet and I mean, who could blame you, theyre so perfect. You cant resist my perfect feet, my cute soles, my adorable toes, my sweet little heel. Im drawing you in deeper n deeper, just with my feet, its so easy to do 2 a foot loser like you.

I know you are stroking for my feet. I know you cant help yourself, but did I say you could stroke to my feet loser? No I did not, so stop stroking. It`s not about you stroking for my feet, today I want u to worship them. And to worship them, you do not need to stroke. You just need to stare n them and become mesmerized by them. I want u to fall in love with my feet. Theyre almost hyp no tic as they move in front of your face. Its an honor to worship my feet loser. And thats all you are good for anyway. You are good 4 worshiping my feet, buying my feet new socks n shoes, and even stockings. They all look so good on my feet and I know you want to see them in so many different ways, naked, in heels, in socks, and in pantyhose.

It`s not easy resisting stroking to my feet is it? Especially when my feet tease u like this. Watch as I peel my socks off with my toes. I know it will have you drooling, all because you get to see my feet. But dont stroke, I know its hard. Do u want to see what color I painted my toe nails today? Of course you do. You love my feet and my cute, painted toes. Youre in love with my feet loser. I know u`re. Your dick is twitching for them. Youre so lucky to have the privilege of indulging in my perfect feet.

Miss Cherry Vee

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