Miss Crash n Victoria Sapphire Ballbusting Game

Miss Crash n Victoria Sapphire Ballbusting Game

The beautiful Miss Crash n Amazon Dommes Victoria Sapphire want 2 play a little game called, “Balls.” The loser has to buy the winner dinner. They want 2 pass him back n forth, one holds him and the other busts his balls with kicks n knees. Each time he drops, that’s a point…

After a few hard busts, they lose track of the game n decide 2 just keep nailing his balls 4 fun. They look terribly sexy in their leotards n pantyhose n socks. They giggle and encourage each other as his keeps doubling over and grimacing in pain.

They end up laying him out on the floor, and Miss Crash laughs in joy while she pounds on his balls with his , then Victoria leans over him and smiles, telling him that they may just keep him around 2 torment his balls all day…

Bryske is the male talent in this clip. He’s really not into ballbusting, but he was a real soldier and man’ed up 4 the love of fetish film.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Humiliation, Free

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