Missy Makes You Prove You Need Diapers – MP4 HD

Missy Makes You Prove You Need Diapers - MP4 HD

Missy wants to break you down n turn you into a diaper-dependent wuss. The 1st step? Missy teases you into wearing panties and then sends you on a humiliating punishment assignment. You are going to drink a full bottle of Missy’s special potion. And then u are going 2 prove to Missy that you really do need diapers. But that’s not all the humiliation Missy has in mind 4 you. All we can tell you is that there are soon going to be 2 very messy, completely embarrassed losers in dirty panties who need to be changed into diapers. You are about to be humiliated n laughed at by mean Princess Missy like NEVER before.

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352 mb
10 min

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