Mistress Chloe: Tight Jeans Perv

Mistress Chloe: Tight Jeans Perv

Hey loser, Im wearing my new favorite pair of jeans. Theyre so tight n they feel so good on my body. And I know that u love girls in tight jeans. Awww does that mean that your dick is getting hard 4 me right now? Yes, I know it is because u are one of those pervs that I see when I am walking around the mall or the streets, just staring at me in my jeans, staring at my ass as I walk by. I know u turn around to check out my ass in jeans. I feel your gross disgusting pervy eyes all over me. Ewww!

U gawk like a fool n think, Oh my god, look at those jeans on her, her ass looks so good. And my ass does look amazing in these jeans. And your cock just throbs in your pants. U fucking love girls in tight jeans. Yep, u are one of those pervs. Ive been dealing with fools like u my whole life. I always make disgusted faces at u or give u the finger. Really I think street n mall pervs are so gross. I mean u just stop n stare as I walk by, its so fucking obvious. U probably walk around all day with a boner. Its so pathetic, do u know how sorry that is?

And your hard just from a pair of jeans. Seriously do u know how pathetic that is? I dont even have 2 take off my clothes n u are already creaming in your pants. All I have to do is sway my hips n tell u how good my tight jeans feel on my legsan your dick starts 2 twitch. Thats so pathetic, u are such a loser. Real guys want 2 see my jeans on the floor, not on me, but freaks like u would rather jerk off 2 me in jeans rather than fck me.

Ill bet youd love 2 be the jeans on my body, being that close to my ass n pussy. Or maybe u just want to cum all over my jeans while I am still wearing them. Eww gross! But u know that will never happen. U are just stuck at home jerking off 2 my tight jeans on your computer screen. And u know what makes u even more pathetic? Its that u want to jerk off 2 me in jeans, I mean most guys want 2 see me naked, but not u, youd rather see me in tight jeans.

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