Mistress Chloe: U are All Stupid Blackmailed Customers 4 Life Now

Mistress Chloe: U are All Stupid Blackmailed Customers 4 Life Now

So now u are all going 2 be customers for life whether u like it or not! LOL! U are all so fucked! Are u nervous yet? U know we have your real info once you join, your name, email address, phone number, credit card number. I am not fucking around. U dont have the option or the choice anymore. If u even think about cancelling your membership n not paying anymore, were going 2 expose your loser ass all over the internet. So unless u want everyone to know that u joined this site, u better keep paying your membership fees every fucking month!

But u want this, this excites you, n if u cancelled youd miss out on all of my videos, you dont want to miss out on seeing me tease u with my hot body, do u loser? I mean this website is the best thing you have in life. U want 2 be a stupid blackmailed addicted Customer 4 Life. And weve made it easy 4 u, you dont even have to think about it or decide 4 yourself anymore. Isnt that nice of us? We know thinking is too hard 4 u, let us do the thinking 4 u.

Scared? Trembling? Oh u love it, u love the rush that this is giving u. I cant wait to expose the 1st one of u who fucks up. I am such a bitch n u love me 4 it. U`re ours, I have u wrapped around my little finger forever. I love watching u squirm asshole. Ill bet some of u want 2 be exposed.

Dont be scared loser, just accept it, stroke n pay over & over again each month, feel the rush. U are addicted n u know this is what u really want loser.

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