Mistress Ezada Sinn – The perfect sofa

Mistress Ezada Sinn - The perfect sofa

Today I want to present u the best sofa u can ever get. Money is not needed 2 get one, all u need is to be a Woman n have the desire to have it. This couch can come in different colors, u can also easily change the upholstery if u don’t like it any more. The sofa is very comfortable and soft, the softness can be adjusted by modifying the sofa’s diet. A very nice touch is the special feet support, which can be activated for a nice feet worship n cleaning. Very pleasant n relaxing! Another useful feature is the multipurpose holder, it can hold drinks, but also various other things u might need 2 have at hand. When u are in the mood 4 a cigarette, the feet support can be transformed into an ashtray n spittoon with just a simple verbal command. So, if u`re a Woman n u want a sofa like this one, just contact Me n I will put u in touch with one. If u`re a man, you can apply to become a sofa like this, u`ll be trained how 2 do it properly.

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