Mistress Gaia – For Your Sister

Mistress Gaia – For Your Sister

”Hello Mistress, I would like, if possible, to have a video in two parts. The first of spanking in pov style where you scold n spank me severely, perhaps putting the camera on your knees or otherwise pov style as it is easier, either by hand or with tools like your belt or your brush wood. While spanking me I’d be humiliated because I`m a nerd who likes to be spanked, because I’m paying for a video so humiliating and because I like to be submissive to women, because I am a guy who likes feet, shoes etc etc. and especially because I have a fantasy about being spanked, spat, trampled and subdued by my younger sister, I am a real loser. The second part started with you who stops spanking and says something like: ”Indeed, why don’t we make things more interesting? Go get your sister’s heeled shoes, the laces, the clips and a pair of her panties so I humiliate you well. ”You give me orders on how to humiliate and punish me when I am alone, like putting the panties in my mouth, a heel in the ass meanwhile Im licking the other one and clips on the balls and on the nipples, tying my testicles and a bit of cbt … in short, at your discretion, you’re good at this :P. And finally towards the end I’d like you did a countdown to make me cum but in order to get me to cum straight in my face, because it is the only way that I could lick my cum at the end otherwise I avoid ever to do so. Then during the countdown when I am cuming you tell me to scream my sister’s name to let her enter in the room and you order me to cum only when she enters the room, otherwise I do not have permission. This way will make sure to make real my imagination and you will laugh in my face while I am in front of my sister. All this while you spit and humiliate me. If you want you can also reserve a few seconds at the end to talk directly with my sister and explain her that I am a nerd who likes these things, who dreams to be spanked, humiliated, spat and trampled by her and maybe you tell her to put her feet in my face and make me clean up the rest of my cum directly from her feet. This is an erotic dream that I made and I would love to have it in a custom video. In the end if you want you can invite us together in live session with you, so you can give her other directives, or to make my sister a switch and also to vent about her your dominant personality. I hope you can realize this video. Thank u.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, Mistress Gaia, Gaia, Mistress, Spanking, Spank, Humiliation, CBT, POV

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