Mistress Gaia – Pony Toy

Mistress Gaia - Pony Toy

Mistress Gaia n Dommess Luana want 2 have fun with their slave…, first of all U weigh yourself so as 2 show your actual weight on the scales, Mistress Gaia order the slave 2 lie down with his belly up, then She climbs on his stomach n also invites Luana to go up, the exercise lasts very little because he is not able to do this! Then Mistress Gaia orders the slave to lift n carry Her like a real Queen, and take a ride around the room. Then Mistress Gaia gets put down n tells the slave to do the same with Her dear friend Luana. Dommess Luana remains a little stunned, but She adjusts her breasts n gets in position. Finished the exercise Mistress Gaia tells Luana that the last time She she did do pushups to his slave with her n her female slave on his back, but she was a lighter female slave, then with a bit of irony She says: let’s see if he can do it even with me n u’, so U approach the staircase, make squatting the slave n climb both on his back. The slave comes close 2 a collapse. Mistress Gaia, really wants 2 have fun, and She seats the slave on a chair n seats Luana on his legs, then She orders him to get up n lift her, then he will repeat the exercise but raising both, Mistress Gaia & Dommess Luana. Then the difficulty increases, with the slave who must run it again but this time sitting down. Finally Mistress Gaia orders the slave 2 crouch on the ground, She says Luana to sit on his shoulders n starts to make him doing push-ups on the legs, the exercise goes on till u drop the slave. It will come 2 a point where the slave remains crouching because he is no longer able 2 do it. Dommess Luana doesn’t stop because Mistress Gaia wants to continue, but despite orders to continue, the slave fails. During the video I’d like to hear phrases about kg n words like ‘hernia’, or phrases such as ‘I’ll smash your back’ etc… I would like 2 see in the video a latex or leather clothing (pants or skirts), and leather boots with heels. I would prefer that the slave was rather thin. Thanks.

Keywords: Femdom, Female Domination, Mistress, Gaia, Ponyplay, Goddess, Boots, Trampling, Free

475 mb
13 min

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