Molly n Alex at Home

Molly n Alex at Home

Molly is in the living room playing with a new rocking chair sex toy thing when her boyfriend, Alex, walks in. “U like this baby?”

She’s planning on fucking him later on it with a strap-on, then getting fucked by lots of other guys on it… The idea gets her so wet, she needs to cum, and that means Alex’s tongue n mouth need to get 2 work.

Molly orders Alex to strip then sits on his face. First she makes him worship her crotch and ass with her one piece swimsuit n fishnets still on. She loves teasing him like that. Feeling him struggle n squirm under her clot makes her really wet.

Then she rips her fishnets open and makes him lick her until she cums. She grabs him by the balls 2 make sure he does it right.

Molly Jane has her boyfriend on his back on her new rocking chair fuck toy. She is really excited about putting their new furniture to use. “Tell me u want me 2 fck u, baby” she says while standing over him in high heels, fishnets and a big strap-on…

Molly gives Alex the sweet dick, using the rocking chair 2 pull n push him while he moans on his back. Then she sucks his cock. Of course, she stands over him, makes him open his mouth n drizzles his own cum back in his mouth after.

“Now go clean yourself up…” she giggles n bounces away.

Later on, he’s cleaning the living room, wearing her panties when she bounds into the room wearing a high cut leotard, shiny pantyhose, pig tails n heals.

She’s excited about a new stripper dance class she’s about to start. The idea gets her horny, “How’s your ass baby? Cause I am about to fuck it right now…” she says.

She pushes Alex against the wall, straps up and goes 2 town on his ass. Her perfect natural tits bounce while she rails him, then she puts him on the sofa to finger bang his prostate n giggle.

Molly flips her man over n sensually fucks his ass from behind. It starts 2 rain outside. “I don’t wanna go out in the rain baby… I am just gonna stay home and fuck u all night…” She tells him while she pulls her strap on out of his ass and spanks him with it….

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