More fun with the new hire 3 Miss Crash & Amazon Victoria Sapphire

More fun with the new hire 3 Miss Crash & Amazon Victoria Sapphire

Crash n Victoria are about 2 leave 4 the gym on their lunch break, and they notice that Chris is just lying around. They don’t tolerate laziness, even on a lunch break, so they decide to have a little pre-workout on his balls…

They look amazing in leotards, shiny tights n socks. Amazon Victoria Sapphire is over 6 feet tall of sexy, and Miss Crash is fucking gorgeous. They giggle and laugh while they trample him, and stomp, kick and punch his cock and balls, making sure they humiliate him the whole time.

It’s obvious that he has a foot fetish, so they exploit that by putting their feet in his face while the other one breaks his balls, literally… Then they make his lazy ass do jumping jacks n push ups, while they kick him in the nuts and laugh when he doubles over in pain.

Crash peels off her sweaty socks n crams them down in his mouth, while Victoria jumps up and down on his cock n balls. Before they finally leave 4 the gym, they take turns holding him while the other kicks him hard in the nuts, then walk off happily as he lays on the couch in pain with a sweaty sock in his mouth.

Keywords: Femdom, Ballbusting, Trampling, Footworship, Sweaty Socks In Mouth, Humiliation, Leotards, Shiny Pantyhose, Foot Fetish

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